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beautiful + elegant templates for female entrepreneurs

Ready to quit spending hours trying to design eye-catching graphics for your business?

I’ve got your back!

I create easy-to-use templates and product mockups to give you that personalized luxury you deserve to help elevate your brand.

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hey girl, hey

I'm cherelle!

—and i love to make things pretty

With a background deeply-rooted in design, I’ve been creating gorgeous things for what feels like forever. 

As a former wedding designer I realize that the overall design + aesthetics can either make or break it. 

And after years of being in the online business world, I have seen my fair share of “ugly”.

This is why I began crafting beautiful digital templates and mockups for the female entrepreneur who doesn’t want to spend hours designing to get her products out into the world.

Cherelle German, owner of Creative Luxe Studio

stop spending hours trying to design the perfect look for your products

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Why you should use these beautiful + feminine templates for your brand?


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Browse through my collections of feminine luxe templates to help you boost your brand with sophistication and beauty.

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